The View, that wonderfully popular gabfest that seems to constantly generate headlines, is doing it again.  This time, the news is about the upcoming guest hosts.  Victoria Beckham, Meghan McCain, LaToya Jackson and Kathy Griffin are all scheduled to sit in on the ABC show during the month of September.  Victoria Beckham, really?  I must say that that’s a pretty big catch for The View.  She’s not very inclined to do anything!  And she always looks dour so it’ll be exciting to see her chat it up with the ladies.

Meghan McCain (who will surely talk politics) is up first, then the rest of the girls get their shots.  I don’t really watch The View (I’m more of a Maury guy when it comes to morning TV) but I’m expecting some pretty good headlines from these guest hosts.  Maybe some bickering, maybe some talk about the late Michael Jackson?  Anything’s possible on The View!