Megan Fox Mega-Hook-Up Depp, Pitt, or Patt?

In a bold move, will now narrow Megan Fox’s future, storybook, mega-hookup with one of the following mega-hunks!

ThecounT’s Pick: Brad Pitt


Brandon’s Pick: Johnny Depp

Lisa’a Pick: Robert Pattinson

Please be open-minded as we tell you that this HAS TO AND WILL HAPPEN, eventually.

Hottie Megan Fox MUST get with one of these three men ASAP. The time has arrived to take her star-power to the next level. Are you ready for the Mega-Megan-Hookup?!?

Good lord of board games, this is the stuff gossip outlets dream about!

The Break Down:

ThecounT’s Pick:

Brad Pitt is older than Megan, however, I think they would be a perfect match. Think about it; Angelia Jolie played Brad Pitt like the devil’s fiddle getting him to leave Jennifer Aniston, so let’s face it, as payback goes, Angie has it coming- in spades. Also Angie has not had a blockbuster movie for a while- so, Brad being on the hunt for a new-improved, blockbuster of a girlfriend seems like fair game, at least by Hollywood’s standards. Don’t forget, Brad recently getting snuggly with his “Inglourious Basterds” co-star Diane Kroger which is proof he has a wondering eye, however, Kroger would not be the level of hotness required for a man of Pitt’s status. Megan Fox and Brad Pitt, hmmm, that has a nice ring to it.

Brandon’s Pick:
Johnny Depp is one of the coolest guys ever, and that would only be augmented by him hooking up with the super foxy Megan Fox! He might get a lot of flack for the move from his fans, but he would undoubtedly acquire instant “legendary player” status. Plus it might just get him out of France and back to America where he belongs. In June, Johnny Depp and Megan Fox were both booked on the David Letterman show on the same day. Johnny was promoting his film “Public Enemies” and Megan was there to promote “Transformers 2″. They did not appear together at any point of the show, nor were there any photos of them together. Did Depp distance himself from the Fox to quill the temptation? Or did they totally make a connection and we just never caught wind of it? Lastly, just imagine, Megan and Johnny walking a red carpet as a couple… That’s one sweet shot folks.

Lisa’s Pick:
Rob Pattinson, is certainly the most available out of all our perspective Mega-Megan-Hookups! And possible the easiest man to catch. In a fight between Kristen Stewart and Megan Fox, I say Megan wins hands down. As Kristen comes ever closer to getting her meat hooks in Pattenson, rest assured, Megan’s window is still open. As much as Twilight may have proved chemistry between Stewart and Pattinson on-screen, off-screen she always looks like Rob’s disturbed little EMO sister. Now Megan is just what the Vampire ordered! Furthermore, “Robert Pattinson and Megan Fox have already had a face 2 face encounter. They both just won the Teen Choice Award last weekend for best “Hottie” of the year. They both accepted their award on stage together, and there were even photos taken of them getting close backstage! Megan admitted that she does in fact have a crush on Rob. Why didn’t Megan go for the gold while she had the chance? Well, we think Megan didn’t move in because Kristen Stewart was nearby all night. Believe me, Rob is still on Megan’s “To Do” list. Just watch…” Let’s not forget Megan’s dead giveaway when she uttered, “I want to eat Robert Pattinson.”

Who’s your pick and why?

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