Heidi Reveals “Playboy” Cover

Oh yes, this is happening. Heidi Pratt’s upcoming Playboy issue is on its way and Spencer couldn’t seem happier about it. The photo you see is from the G.I. Joe premiere in Hollywood but the lovely couple couldn’t let a good publicity moment get away. They flaunted Heidi’s magazine all over the red carpet. While they didn’t sell me on the Heidi spread, I’m definitely reminded that I need to pick up the new Batman video game due later this month. Thanks Spencer!

The cover image has Heidi, covered in mud or chocolate or something, with a Playboy bunny drawn on her stomach. That’s the only image we’ve seen from the magazine — so far. I wouldn’t put it past the couple to showcase more pictures before the official debut.


Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if Heidi stripped on live TV to ensure more copies sold.
Was that too mean? I can’t tell anymore.