rp Robert Pattinson got hit by a car!

Sweet merciful entity! People magazine reports that amid a mob of frenzied fans, Robert Pattinson collided with a taxi on the streets of downtown Manhattan Thursday.


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The Twilight actor, in New York City filming Remember Me, apparently attempted to run across the street near the famed Strand bookstore to escape a hoard of fans when he was clipped on his hip by a moving cab, whose driver slammed on his breaks upon impact.

Pattinson, 23, did not appear to be injured and walked away from the incident.

Of course he walked away unharmed, he’s Edward Cullen. I wonder what the taxi looked like after it hit him. You fools have no idea what he’s capable of. He can read minds for goodness sake! A little old New York taxi isn’t going to hurt him. On a quick sidenote I feel really bad for this guy. He’s horribly famous and at 23 years old he can’t walk down the street without being attacked, he just looks so uncomfortable. Guffaw.