Pink and Hubby Carey Hart Swingers and the Door Swings Both Ways!

Word on the street is Pink and her high flying hubby Corey Hart are in what some call an “open marriage.” But wait it gets better.


So these two were separated for a while then got back together but under the condition they could have sex with other people and that would be cool?  um right, I mean wrong!  I never thought of these two to be that kinky. And what’s the point of being married? But now get this…

I did a little checking and got a hold of someone close to Hart and his endeavors in Las Vegas, and this is what I was told, “Look their famous, Pink and Corey had a huge blowout over Pink spending overnights with other women doing, you know, stuff, and Corey wanted to have alone time with other men doing you know, stuff! So it made sense that they got over the fact they were both bisexual and get on with their marriage…” SAY WHAT??

Well it may all make sense now, Pink does seem like the type who would enjoy a good romp in the hay with another girl, and now that I think about it, Hart does seem a little gay!

Hey! It’s their business, and may seem a little weird to the rest of us, but after all, it is Hollywood we’re talking here.