barack 300x237 Chi Chi Chi Chia!!

Apparently employees who handle the Tampa and Chicago Walgreens are a bunch of idiots for choosing to put a Barack Obama chia head on display for retail. Well the stores had to take the product off the shelves due to customers feeling the item is “objectionable.”


The story gets even weirder once I tell you that the founder of Chia, Joseph Pedott, has no plans of gettting rid of this Obama Chia in any other stores.

“Owners can trim Chia Obama’s ‘hair’ to any length they want,” he said.

Pedott is currently talking to New York drugstores to send shipment to the Empire State, saying, “As quickly as they can take them, we will send them.” What a psycho.

The Obama Chia comes in two styles: Determined and Happy; along with slogans, “Yes We Can,” and the words: “Liberty,” “Opportunity,” “Prosperity,” and “Hope.” Availiable to you for $19.99 in stores and on the Chia website.

First an Obama fried chicken joint opens up and now an Obama Chia; what will they think of next?

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