Chris Brown Says Rihanna Started It

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Our friends at TMZ are reporting that Chris Brown will only accept a misdemeanor charge and no jail time because Rihanna drew first blood.

Brown’s laywers say it will not qualify as a felony because Rihanna was the first one to throw a blow, striking and slapping Brown many times as he tried to drive.   TMZ sources say this cooperates a statement that Rihanna gave police right after the incident.

It may be an uphill battle for Brown working this defense as most times a jury will side with the woman, no matter who started the altercation, sighting a unfair fight.


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According to a detective’s notes, Brown sent a text message to Rihanna’s assistant basically admitting the whole thing and stating he was seeking help. This could prove devastating for the Brown defense.

Much more graphic photos other then the one released by TMZ are also expected to come into evidence.   The photos will show a badly beaten Rihanna, the case will be made as an unscathed Brown was also pictured.

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  • Pixelz

    Well goes to show ya two wrongs do not make a right and it does take two to fight and EITHER one could have walked away!! I hope he gets to cop that plea and they BOTH have to go to anger management classes, serve 500 hours of comunity service in a D.V. program or shelter, AND because both hit the other and so on, BOTH HAVE TO PAY FINES!!! This whole thing stinks! And I am just sick of all of it!! And I will not throw out my EXCLUSIVE C.D. nor will I toss my Good Girl Gone BAD C.D. though I do get the meaning behind her nameing one song and the C.D. it’s self that ( just kidding )But I do not feel jail time is even justified here because as we all know she has been doing this to him for over a year now and he has just put up with it over and over and over. And apartnly he does have a limit as we all saw… AGAIN 2 WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT!!

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