I saw this today while passing thru the kitchen to grab a diet coke. It was HILARIOUS..this guy is unreal..check it out: Michael Karolchyk, who owns Denver’s Anti-Gym, a place where cupcakes are thrown at those who don’t sweat enough during workouts, sported a “No Chubbies” T-shirt during a hearing that will be aired next month on “The People’s Court.”



Nancy Fitzgerald, who hosts Denver-based cable show American Woman had a “cash-and-trade” deal with Karolchyk for appearances that didn’t exactly  pan out, according to The Denver Post. To make a long story short, Fitzgerald claims that Karolchyk owes her $2,300. Karolchyk says Fitzgerald stopped working out and got soft.

Just who the heck does Karolchyk think he is?   Here is the website   http://www.theantigym.com/index2.html

He even has strippers in boxes above the machines!!

He has a “Save the Chubblitos” section for the kids! hahah.