Tony Romo missed (?) his flight to Grand Rapids and subsequently Jessica’s first concert performance opening for Rascal Flatts. Jessica did not take it too well and ended up hammering tears on stage to the point she almost didn’t finish the show.

A source attending the concert said Jessica’s head was not in the game. “She forgot her lyrics on a bunch of songs. She kept apologizing and at one point she said she wished she could walk off the stage! It’s hard enough these days to afford concerts, I seriously wanted my money back!” our source said.


Recent pictures of Jessica looking rather plump have not been good for Tony’s “cool guy” image and Cowboy fans are crying foul, “Hey it’s obvious he [Romo] didn’t show up on purpose! He’s embarrassed that he’s suddenly going out with a fat chick, I’m sure if he had it his way he’d tell Jessica to drop that friggin Chicken wing and get on the treadmill.” one rude fan said.