Whoa! Did you ever imagine Eddie Murphy as the next ‘Riddler’ in Batman??? Murphy has been signed up by British director, Christopher Nolan, who directed ‘The Dark Knight’. The last time the Riddler made an appearance in the Batman series, was in 1995, played by the hilarious Jim Carrey.

riddler 150x150 Eddie Murphy to Play Batmans Next Riddler!


Looks like there are some other interesting picks for the next Batman movie:

Shia Labeouf is to play ‘Robin’. (What!!!???)

Rachel Weisz is to “up for the role” to play ‘Catwoman’. She didn’t get the part yet! (Is she sexy?)

Christian Bale will continue to star as ‘Batman’. (Hot as always)

Michael Caine will continue to play ‘Alfred’, Bruce Wayne’s/Batman’s ‘Assistant’. (Hot)

The film’s title is unknown, but they are calling it “Gotham” for now. The film is planning on having it’s release in 2010.

Do you like the line up? Do you like Eddie Murphy as the Riddler???