Anne ‘HathaHate’

Anne Hathaway has been on the end of receiving massive hate.

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I always thought people adored this lady but apparently, I was wrong! You always have haters when you’re in the spotlight but the hate for this woman is so bad that her haters have aptly called themselves, ‘hathahaters‘. I guess it’s been a culmination of things she’s done to deserve this backlash. It’s been reported that her recent Oscar speech has been rehearsed over and over again so she can appear more likeable. But that back-fired! Her first words, “It came true”, sounded so contrived and not authentic.

Anne Hathaway

For having won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, you would think, she could have delivered it with more realism and believability. The latest of Anne Hathaway’s hate also stems from the Oscars when she through a “fit” when she found out the day before the Oscars that, her dress she initially planned to wear, was going to be similar to her co-star’s, Amanda Seyfried’s dress. She screamed, “WTF!”. And later released a statement saying, “It came to my attention late Saturday night that there would be a dress worn to the Oscars that is remarkably similar to the Valentino I had intended to wear, and so I decided it was best for all involved to change my plans.”


That seemed to piss off a lot more people because she thought herself so important to have to release a statement about a dress and besides she won the Oscar not her co-star! I guess she tries to come off as sweet, innocent and humble but obviously that’s not who she is! She should just be more real then people might start liking her?

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Katharine McPhee Cute Streak Ends In Red Carpet Disaster

Katharine McPhee usually shows up looking fresh and cute! But I am sorry to say that all came to an disastrous and on the red carpet last night! That shirt is simply hideous! It doesn’t fit below the collar when it’s fully buttoned up and the color is all wrong! The coat is scruffy and appears uncomfortable. And the lipstick, the color, again, not good…

PHOTO: Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman Get MARRIED! In A Field?

Anna Hathaway and Adam Shulman tie the knot! But where there hell are they? It looks like a trail, the kind you ride a horse on, not get married! Whatever! Congratulations!


The wedding décor was inspired by nature, with many branches used to create a ceremony and reception to blend in with the majestic Big Sur surroundings, a source told PEOPLE.

Crypt Above Marilyn Monroe Sold!

marilyn monroe crypt 300x252 Crypt Above Marilyn Monroe Sold!

The crypt above Marilyn Monroe was just sold today for $4.6 million at an auction on eBay. Bidding for the auction started at $500,000 on Aug 14. It isunknown who bought the crypt. We thought Hugh Hefner would.

The crypt above Marilyn at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery is being vacated, making room for someone else. A woman named Elsie Poncher, sold her husband’s crypt above Marilyn to pay off her house mortgage! Her husband had bought the crypt from Marilyn’s ex husband Joe DiMaggio in 1954. DiMaggio had planned on being laid to rest above Marilyn, but he changed his mind and sold the plot when he and Marilyn divorced in 1954.

Monroe was laid to rest at the cemetery in 1962. Mr. Poncher was put to rest above Marilyn “face down” in 1986. Elsie Poncher said that Mr. Poncher will now be moved one plot over from the original.

Read more about the backstory here.