Home Intruder Shot After Learning Hard Way What ‘We Don’t Dial 911’ Sign Really Means

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Outside an Indianapolis home a sign hangs that simply reads, “We don’t dial 911,” any questions? One unlucky intruder had to learn the meaning the hard way..

A mother at home alone with her child heard the intruder breaking into her home through the window of the baby’s room, so she stayed true to her residence’s motto, grabbed her gun, and after being fired upon, fired back, hitting the suspect multiple times.

we dont dial 911 indianapolis


The woman was not identified but the woman’s brother, Eddie Ballard, said that when the mother and intruder met in the hallway, the intruder shot first. The mother shot back, striking the intruder several times. According to authorities, the intruder was carrying zip ties and a walkie-talkie. The suspect was not identified in the report. He was taken to a local hospital. h/t palmbeachpost

we dont dial 911

Mother and child were uninjured in the scary incident.


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