Sarah Palin To Barack: Hey You, You In The Denim Leotard

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“Anybody who carries the common-sense gene knows that Putin doesn’t change his stripes.” Palin and Hannity agreed that when the U.S. can’t “feed others with our resources,” people grow more reliant on Russia’s resources and it emboldens them, which is why the U.S. should approve the Keystone XL pipeline. Vladimir Putin, Palin said, is viewed as a man who “wrestles bears and drills for oil,” while Obama’s “potency” is one of “weakness” and said he’s viewed as a man who “wears mom jeans and equivocates and bloviates.”


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Sarah Palin sat down with Sean Hannity Monday night for a victory lap of sorts, touting her 2008 comments about Russia capitalizing on a weakBarack Obama presidency to amass power. Palin believed she was vindicated, saying Russia exploited “Obama’s weak leadership.” source

Hey Sarah! What kind of jeans do you think this guy wears?



Point taken..

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  • labman57

    Earth to Palin — it’s not always about the U.S., and there is no evidence that Putin’s actions have anything whatsoever to do with Obama’s foreign policy stances.

    Of course, the Whining Wannabe from Wasilla wouldn’t know a causal relationship if it bit her in the mom jeans.