March 9, 2013

Miley Cyrus Mystery Man Lame Attempt To Make Liam Hemsworth Jealous?

Miley Cyrus? Mystery manLiam Hemsworth? So is Liam really cheating on Miley with January Jones? Can you say “shake up?” But I wonder, Could Miley simply be pulling the very predictable “When in doubt, be seen with a unknown guy?” That could be the case as the ex-Disney singer was seem going off to “party” with a mystery man…


Cyrus was snapped with a male friend who first drove to her house in his own car, and then took the wheel of the singer’s Porsche Cayenne and drove her to a friend’s party. The former Disney star was also spotted sans engagement ring on Wednesday night. Source. 



I feel sorry for Miley! Not sure exactly why, but I do!

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