Farmer Grows Amazing PINK PUMPKINS! For A Great Cause

October 14, 2012

You have got to hand it to this now legendary farmer, with two big green thumbs up, for finding a way to grow pink pumpkins – just in time for breast cancer awareness month…

3Pink1006 Farmer Grows Amazing PINK PUMPKINS! For A Great Cause



A Minnesota farmer has planted pink pumpkins as a way of showing support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Bert Bouwman, who owns a farm in Brooklyn Park, Minn., planted 15,000 seeds this year that grew into light pink pumpkins, The (Minneapolis) Star Tribune reported Monday.

“There’s a lot of pumpkin farmers out there, but not a lot of pink ones,” Bouwman said. “This was a combination of a new product, a new opportunity, and most important, a way to support a cause that affects nearly every family.”

About 50 vegetable growers nationally were a part of the campaign, started by the Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation. The farmers supplied about 900 retailers nationwide with the pink pumpkins.

“It’s going surprisingly well,” said Gunars Sprenger-Otto, produce manager at Fresh Seasons Markets in Victoria and Minnetonka, Minn. “American Pumpkin Growers have donated a portion of Porcelain Doll Proceeds to Cancer Research.”

The new seed is called “porcelain doll.”

Farmers who bought the seeds signed a contract pledging to give 25 cents from every pink pumpkin to breast cancer research.


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