Kobe Bryant Goes to Strip Club Night Before Big Game

glamour model copy Kobe Bryant Goes to Strip Club Night Before Big Game


Before the Lakers officially lost another to the Denver Nuggets tonight, tying the series to 2-2, ESPN played a segment detailing Kobe’s extreme exhaustion after Saturday’s game, stating, Kobe was said to be so tired after the 103-97 win over the Nuggets, he [Kobe] was physically lifted up off the wood by his team mates, administered intravenous fluids and was immediately sent back to his hotel room where he proceeded to sleep 10 full hours.

Kobe must have got some good rest because he spent last night (Sunday) at Denver area strip joint “Penthouse Club!” A mission statement for the Penthouse website reads, “Penthouse strip clubs with sexy babes, adult clubs and sexy penthouse club.” The gentleman club’s website is so explicit we can not even link you to it!

Our sources tell ThecounT.com exclusively, a lone bodyguard accompanied Kobe. “He looked fine to me, like he was ready to play” says our inside source, And boy did he play! When asked if Kobe got any lap dances our source would only say, “Kobe took full advantage of all there is to do at a strip club.” And it didn’t end there said our insider, “Kobe was asking some ˜key’ members of the strip club staff about ˜any parties’ that might be going on after the strip club festivities ended.”

Well you heard it here first, Kobe works hard and Kobe plays hard, and if you were wondering why Kobe looked so sluggish out there on the wood tonight, it maybe because he was up woodworking all night Sunday night, instead of sawing logs in preparation for the big game.

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