Miley Cyrus Imprisoned by Dad and Disney?

This is not much of a shock to hear what Miley Cyrus says in this MTV interview. We’ve all wondered why Miley seems a little bit sheltered and naive, and here is the explanation! Miley’s “team” keeps her in the dark about things that are going on! Miley’s Dad, Disney and Miley’s management team keep her censored from most news and TV. They really do hold the remote control to Miley. Watch this:

Miley Cyrus Kiss Heard Around the World

Why oh why? Miley Cyrus goes off the deep end by pulling some serious tongue with another girl in her performance of “Can’t Be Tamed” on Britain’s Got Talent. Miley soon hit the web to maintain that she did “no such thing” however the proof is right there on video to live forever.

I must admit, there is nothing sexy about anything Cyrus is trying to pull off here. And taking into account Cyrus is only 17 years-old, we are not even really allowed to look at her in a sexual way, but one thing is for sure, Cyrus is, trying to sell herself like a two dollar hooker. Maybe it’s Cyrus’ stylist who should take some blame here. The neck feathers make Miley appear to have, well, no neck, and makes the rest of her body to come off stumpy and very unattractive in a strange beastly kind of way.

As for the kiss, that was nothing to write home about either, and let’s face it, it’s all really just a way for Cyrus to get mondo press and then predictably cry about how the press is so unfair in their portrayal of her, boohoo.
You watch it and let us know, hot or not?

Stevie Nicks Launching Clothing Line in Fall 2009

Legendary Fleetwood singer Stevie Nicks teamed up with fashion designer Margi Kent to create a ‘bohemian’ flavored clothing line.
Stevie Nicks has always been known for her bohemian style wearing lace, chiffon, granny boots, velvet jackets and ruffles.
Stevie’s line will be out this Fall 2009.
Stevie Nicks is not releasing a clothing line with Margi Kent. Margi Kent formulated Stevie Nicks’ signature bohemian look starting back in 1977. Margi has designed a lot of clothes with Stevie Nicks as her inspiration. Margi Kent designed Stevie Nicks costumes/clothing for the 2009 Fleetwood Mac tour. Margi Kent has dressed many other celebs such as Meryl Streep, Demi Moore, Mariah Carey, Kim Cattrall, Teri Hatcher, Neil Diamond, Don Henley and George Harrison. Here is one of Margi’s Fall 09′ pieces inspired by ‘Stevie Nicks.’