Jo Cox British Lawmaker DEAD After Stabbed And Shot In Broad Daylight

Popular British lawmaker, Jo Cox, was murdered in a shooting and stabbing attack in her constituency on Thursday.

Cox, 41, a member of the opposition Labour Party, was attacked shortly before 1 p.m. in Birstall, nesa the city of Leeds.

who shot joe cox

A man has been arrested in relation to the incident, police added. Both NBC News’ U.K. partner ITV News and the BBC said Cox had been shot and stabbed. Continue reading

Air France Flight 83 San Francisco To Paris Diverted To Montreal Over Bomb Threat

A flight bound for Paris out of San Francisco International Airport has been diverted to Montreal, officials said late Monday.

Passengers on the plane are tweeting that the flight was diverted due to a bomb threat.

#af83  bomb threat 1 san francisco

A Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport spokesperson said police were investigating and checking out the plane. Continue reading

Who Is Justin Trudeau? Meet The New Heartthrob Prime Minister Of Canada

Canada has elected a new Prime Minister and his name is Justin Trudeau. Justin is the son of popular former 70s Prime Minister, Pierre-Elliot Trudeau.

Justin, 43, is the second youngest Prime Minister elected in Canadian history. And it doesn’t hurt that the kid is easy on the eyes.

Justin Trudeau

Trudeau Jr has luscious brown hair, spellbinding eyes and eyebrows that, we’re reliably informed, are “entirely on point.” Continue reading

Random Website Of The Day- Twisted Sisters

Twitter is amazing. I just found this site where these two sisters sell CRAZY GOOD balloon art – most likely for parties and gatherings.

Welcome to the Twister Sister’s website!   We are 2 of San Antonio’s best balloon artists and we’re ready to twist up some fun at your next Birthday party or event!

We don’t make your ordinary balloon dogs!   The Twister Sisters create some of the most unique and creative balloon animals in the city.   It truly is an art form.   Call today to book us for your next party and we’re sure you’ll agree!

kellyewand 1 Random Website Of The Day  Twisted Sisters How the hell did she make that ???? Why does it sort of look like a dildo??   HAHAHA

Britney Spears Loves the Mirror

Stars love to demand hard-to-find items!

UK’s ‘3AM Girls’ report:gallery enlarged britney spears photo shoot 111408 041 200x300 Britney Spears Loves the Mirror

Last night, Britney demanded an EXTRA BIG MIRROR in her GREEN ROOM on England’s TV show “The X Factor”.

She psychs herself up by covering it in notes saying things such as “I am beautiful” and “I am a singer”.

The insider who revealed the motivational method said: “Britney’s always been interested in alternative medicines, and recently discovered neurolinguistics.”

We think it’s a great idea! Good to know Brit is working out her demons!