Ariana Grande CANCELS MLB All-Star Appearance Over Donut Shop Video?

In a surprise move, Ariana Grande has pulled out of the MLB All-Star Concert. The singer gave no reason for the cancellation, however it is believed to be over fallout from a donut shop video that emerged of her kissing her male backup dancer, cursing and licking a donut.

When announced, the concert sold out in a matter of minutes, but now MLB fans and Grande fans alike will be out of luck. The halftime show is a coveted appearance reserved for only the hottest of artists.

Ariana Grande Ricky Alvarez kissing

At this time there is no confirmation of a replacement act for the concert Saturday night at Paul Brown Stadium. h/t fox19 Continue reading

Kid Rock Unveils New Bad Ass Beer


It’s only natural that Kid Rock would eventually own a beer company, and now he has done it.   Introducing “Bad Ass Beer” by Kid Rock.   The rocker gone brewer told Rolling Stone, “It’s going to be called ‘Bad Ass Beer, “It just tastes like good American light beer…an everyday beer, It’s creating jobs in Michigan at the brewing company. We know people are hurting here so we’re trying to take that whole approach.”

Jobs are good, especially in MI, which has been has hit hard by the economic crisis.

To promote his new brew, Rock is making a series of commercials that poke fun at bigger beer brands, “
There’s one where it looks like the Budweiser horses, and they’re all up in the air, just freaked out, like they went haywire, and whatever they ride on is smashed up, and it just has my beer sitting in the front. It says, ‘Bad Ass. And ‘…and the horses they rode in on,’ ” Rock tells the rock mag. “There’s another one where we [mess] with Corona. We have an old rusty truck with no tires on it and it’s sitting on the Bad Ass beer, and it says, ‘The only way you’ll ever see a lemon on it.’ “

Good luck Kid (burp)   I can’t wait to try one! or two or six…

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