We all know Tara Reid was the victim of a botched boob job, but that does not explain what the hell is wrong with the rest of the actress’ body!

The Sharknado star’s abdomen looks like that of a 90-year-old, and her backside resembles a emaciated 121-year-old.. A trip to the closest McDonald’s and then a jaunt over to the nearest chiropractor STAT might be in order.



If you thought Tara Reid was a mess yesteryear, just look at the fallen actress today, or more accurately, last night after two hours of partying at a Hollywood club. Talk about a hot mess minus the hot! Her hair was already matted as her assistant quickly tried to finger comb the mess out..

A TMZ photog caught up with Reed as she was entering and then again exiting the club – just two short hours later.

tara reid drunk Tara Reid BEYOND DRUNKThank God this loser is not driving.

As usual, I apologize in advance for TMZ’s outrageously long commercials.

Kurt Angle Arrested for Violating Protective Order

World Champion Wrestler, Kurt Angle, was arrested for violating a protective order placed against him by an unnamed female wrestler.

Apparently, the TNA superstar was served the order this morning then he decided to follow the woman to Starbucks. Cops were notified and Angle was arrested.

According to TMZ, Angle was also in possession of HGH and was driving on a suspended license. Angle was charged with driving while operating privilege is suspended, prohibited acts-possession, harassment and prohibited acts.

No word yet on if Angle will be released in time to wrestle on Sunday night.

3 Britney Circus Tour Dancers Fired for Suspected Drug Use

The Sun UK reports that 3 dancers from Britney’s Circus Tour have been fired for ’suspected drug use.’

booty brit

According to, they stated that some of Britney’s dancers were recently kicked off of the Circus tour for ‘failing their drug tests.’

Guess after Britney’s wild streak in 2007, her father Jamie and her manager Larry Rudolph are NOW making sure to keep the Britney Machine good, clean, drug-free and fun.