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A friend of Malia Obama, (who has yet been named,) visiting the White House, was left with a significant laceration to her face after she was bitten by the first family’s dog Sunny on Monday. Sunny, the younger of the Obama family’s two Portuguese water dogs, is generally considered a docile breed.

After the incident, the girl, 18, took to social media to recount the ordeal: ‘I [EXPLETIVE] hate Sunny’ the girl wrote in one picture, showing her laying down on a doctor’s chair while Malia smiles nearby. ‘Malia thinks it’s funny,’ the girl writes in another Snapchat photo. The White House doctor said the girl will likely experience scarring from the gash.


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The Obama family dog Sunny bit one of first daughter Malia’s friends during a visit to the White House on Monday. The teen posted pictures of the aftermath on Snapchat. The girl, who is not identifying by name, was left bleeding from the face after she tried to pet and kiss Sunny. In an interview with People magazine, the president and first lady revealed that Sunny has a penchant for defecating near the Lincoln Bedroom. ‘So Sunny is a wonderful dog. But there have been times where she just decided that the area near the Lincoln Bedroom and my office – at the other end of the hall from her crate – is included in being outside when it comes to pooping, which is not true. It’s still the inside. She didn’t always understand that,’ the president said. ‘She knows that she’s doing something wrong because she’ll run and sneak [past me],’ he said. ‘Sometimes I’ll be in my office, and I’m doing my work and I’ll see this like scurrying – and I got to get up and run before she does her thing, because if I’m too late then there’s a little gift that she leaves.’ h/t DailyMail

Dr. Ronny Jackson, the president’s physician, reportedly evaluated her and decided to stitch the wound up.

The official First Dog is named Bo, and is also a Portuguese water dog.

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