RHOA Porsha Stewart SHOCK CLAIM Hubby Kordell IS GAY!

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Porsha Stewart. Since filing divorce papers, Porsha’s been claiming she never saw the demise of her marriage to Kordell coming because he tricked her into thinking that there was still a chance of reconciliation, but then he went and filed divorce papers and she had to find out about it on Twitter.


Porsha is seen on video talking to her attorney, saying that she’s so angry about the way Kordell handled the situation and so shocked that he would deceive her that way that she’s thinking of coming out in the open with a bunch of things she’d seen and heard during the marriage.


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Porsha, in addressing rumors that her ex is gay and only married her as a beard, the term used when a gay male marries a woman for the appearance of a straight relationship.

“He explained it away [when I asked him about the gay rumor]. He tried to make me feel comfortable with it. I didn’t question he was gay or not because someone said it. Any reasons that I questioned it were things that I had experienced or seen,” Porsha said.

The topic will most assuredly will be addressed in future episodes as well, so stay tuned.


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