JPMorgan Chase Bank is lowering the boom of one of its more high profile customers in one Dina Lohan, mother of Lindsay.. 490286-lindsay-and-dina-lohan

Dina’s Long Island house might go on the auction block if she doesn’t pony up some serious cash, cash that is by the looks of it, is nonexistent. Enter Lindsay.


It’s not the first time the famous mom fell back on her payments, Lindsay bailed her out last year by gifting her mom a cool 40k to help her play catch up..

JPMorgan Chase Bank filed the foreclosure action, according to TMZ, 10 days before Dina was arrested and charged with drunken driving..

It’s safe to say between Dina and Lindsay, someone will pull a rabbit out of a hat in a classic drama enhanced last minute Lohan save. But then again, you never know! Stay tuned!