Meet Ed Drewett! The (think Oz, The Great and Powerful) SIXTH member of popular boy band, The Wanted.. Talk about an unsung hero! This guy wrote not one, but ALL of the boy bands’ BIGGEST hits! Including “I’m Glad You Came!” The music business is so full of crap sometimes, look at this talented songwriter, a good looking kid, banished to write songs for The Wanted.. Sure he’s making bank, but he had to give up the limelight, AND share it two other well-known songwriting hacks, in Steve Mac and Wayne Hector, (see below,) before they would let him in the money club.. Whatever, The Wanted will come and go but good song writing is here to stay! This is a EXCLUSIVE LOOK!




These of the guys stealing 3/4 of this kid’s publishing..


Sure the kid resembles Eminem a little bit, and that’s not a good thing, but is that any reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater? Get this kid in the spotlight!