Rhianna spends $1 million on Chris Brown birthday gift!

Talk about a big spender! Rihanna just dropped $1 million on this incredible Mercedes in honor of Chris Brown’s birthday, but really Rihanna? A car?



Vroom vroom! With just a week until Chris’ birthday on May 5, a new report alleges that Rihanna has already picked out the perfect gift — a souped up custom-made car with a price tag of over $1 million. Boy, these two really know how to do birthdays right! Chris Brown succeeded in his duty as a boyfriend on Rihanna’s birthday, Feb. 20, by throwing her a blowout party and giving her some amazing gifts. Now it’s RiRi’s turn — and if this report is true, Chris is going to be one happy birthday boy come May 5. source.

I think it’s shameful how some of these celebrities for around their fists, I mean money these days..