Way to go CNN! Just hours after a Georgia mother of two lost boys appeared on CNN, pleading for her kids to find a telephone and dial 911, the boys were spotted and recovered!



Police said the two young boys were found safe in Texas on Saturday and their father was arrested and is facing charges.

Ben, 9 and Henry Cleary, 7, were visiting with their father and were supposed to return home Wednesday, when they didn’t show up an Amber Alert was issued.


The cops responsible for recovering the kids said that the tipster recognized the boys from pictures viewed on the CNN broadcast.

“We have recovered the kids,” cops said. “They were with him and they were OK.”


Austin police said a citizen had recognized the boys from the alert broadcast on CNN and notified police he soptted the boys at a local hotel.

Officers “observed the suspect and the two boys, and recovered the two boys and took the suspect into custody,” said Austin police Lt. James Nisula.