Las Vegas –– NEVADA – A new Vegas attraction is making sure – ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, so some can make a lot of money…’

A Vegas establishment, Machine Guns Vegas, is “paying tribute” to Prince Harry’s recent bout with ‘Strip Billiards’ by launching their very own ‘Dirty Prince Harry Experiencewhich allows customers to go near-naked in one of 10 shooting lanes while posing – only – with a .44 Magnum, the gun made famous by Clint Eastwood in the movie Dirty Harry.Machine Guns Vegas Dirty Prince Harry Experience 2 NEW VEGAS ATTRACTION DIRTY PRINCE HARRY Strip To Underwear Pose With GUN!


According to the website:

“Vegas is all about letting your hair down and living a little on the wild side,” says a spokesperson. “Prince Harry partook in Strip Billiards in Vegas, here’s an opportunity for Strip Shooting. Well almost”.

Customers can get down and pose with .44 calibre Magnum for photographs.

They can then fire off an AK-47, M60, Uzi or M3A1 Grease Gun – whatever takes their fancy. They can do the Prince Harry pose or do any other pose they like for Facebook or YouTube.

Rhianna’s gun trainer for the movie Battleship, Jacque Carrizosa is a range master at Machine Guns Vegas and puts people through their paces. Other range masters are glamorous girls all with real military experience.

I think I am going to have to skip this one, I have a pressing engagement at the buffet.