A female college student at Gainesville State College, who is studying mechanical engineering, is sitting in jail for blowing up toilets in the woods, and I don’t mean with her own poo.

When 23-year-old Celia Alchemy Savage (her real name!) was reported, after someone filed a criminal complaint about her toilet abuse, special agents and officers from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, FBI, Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Habersham County Sheriff’s Office raided Savage’s home Wednesday, according to Gainesville Times.


Although Savage says she knew that ‘manufacturing explosives’ is is against the law- she’s just ‘passionate about making bombs’ and ‘blows stuff up as a hobby’. This thrill-seeker who loves extreme sports and adventures, told the Officials that they could find the evidence in her ‘lab’, which was her bedroom.

“Officers found items relating to the manufacture of explosive devices, two metal pipe bombs, multiple firearms, suspected drug paraphernalia, suspected marijuana, methamphetamine and numerous pills in one of the bedrooms of the house, according to the court documents.”

There was also video evidence of Savage’s exploding toilets, but the originals have been deleted off of YouTube since, so here’s a picture of her holding guns instead:

Savage is being held on federal drug, weapons and explosive charges. Things don’t look so good for her.