Another Sign That SNL Is Cancelling Soon

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THIS is the saddest news today, other than Desperate Housewives actress Kathryn Joosten passing at 72 :(

Not only actress Kristen Wiig is leaving Saturday Night Live, but now Andy Samberg also announced that he is leaving too! What will the show be without these two favorites?

Cast member Bill Hader has definitely won a large majority of laughs, being able to wear a variety funny hats. Kenan Thompson is lovable and funny too, as he won many hearts even before landing his lengthy contract with SNL- starring on former Nick show ‘All That’.


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Maya Rudolph shows up on SNL sometimes, but when her ‘Whitney Houston’ got axed, what was left?! Now Kristen Wiig is done- probably looking to get a break from the insane schedule she’s talked about in interviews. What will she do now? Maybe a TV show?

As for Samberg, he’s obviously doing okay in movies. He’s starring alongside Adam Sandler in new film ‘That’s My Boy’. Samberg even has talent in writing scripts like the Digital Shorts on SNL, so his future seems pretty bright.

My parents say, ‘Oh SNL is NOT the same since Belushi, Murray and Aykroyd! It never will be good like back then!’ They just think it should have been canned years ago, but I can’t totally agree. SNL has brought me joy and inspiration over the years. I think some of the new cast members suck really bad, but maybe they’ll blossom over time perhaps?

The show is not cancelled as of yet, but it feels like it is ending since Wiig and Samberg are hanging up their hats. This is a sad ending of an era coming to a close.

Is there some truth in the jokes that SNL should finally cancel? I don’t know! It’s like giving up comfort food for Americans… we’ll see.

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