Madonna’s Set List for the Super Bowl

The NFL has leaked — or at least teasingly referred to — the setlist for Madonna during halftime of Super Bowl XLVI on Sunday (Feb. 5).

The NFL Magazine (the league’s official publication) did not come out and say exactly what songs Madonna would sing, but put a few hints in a story. The magazine said that nothing was official but thought Madonna’s fans might expect her to give all her luvvin’, provide a “ray of light” and be in “VOGUE” with her music for the Super Bowl. It goes on to say that the Super Bowl is a national “holiday” after all!


Presumably you spotted the (not at all) subtle references to the song titles in that sentence, but for the record, the NFL is saying Madonna will sing “Gimme All Your Luvin’” from her forthcoming album “M.D.N.A.” and past hits “Ray of Light” and “Vogue.”

(Nicki Minaj, who appears on “Gimme All Your Luvin,’” has said she’ll be part of the show as well along with M.I.A. LMFAO has been rumored to have a special appearance as well as Cirque du Soleil, and Cee Lo Green. Madonna is personally picking out the outfits for Minaj & MIA.

With halftime only being about 12 minutes, Madonna could possibly squeeze in Material

Girl, Lucky Star or Like a Virgin to give her fans a bigger thrill. A medley of the songs might fit into the time allotment. Whatever songs end up being squished into the 12 minutes, I believe it will be a very exciting half time show!

The game kicks off about 6:25 p.m. ET Sunday on NBC.