Charlie Sheen Checking Into Rehab for 3 Months

Hallelujah! Someone close to Charlie Sheen finally told him- “We care about your money you the ‘human being’, please get help.”

Sheen’s team announced today that he will be taking the next few months off of work (Two and a Half Men), and he will be living in a rehab facility for 3 months. Sheen is no stranger to rehab, in fact, he underwent rehab last February, after the whole ‘knife pull’ that went down with girlfriend Brooke Mueller in Aspen.


We may be happy that Charlie is getting help for his wild habits, but 300 crew members who work on/for the TV show with him beg to differ. They are worried about Charlie that they might not get compensation for the 8 episodes that will not be filming now due to Sheen’s soon-to-be rehab entry. Yes, his co-workers are pissed that they may get screwed on pay.

I guess that ‘all of a sudden’ something clicked with one of Sheen’s people and they finally put their foot down and told him to get help. Thanks for taking responsibility!