Ashton Kutcher Minus Kabbaha Bracelet for New Movie

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Ashton Kutcher is pretty in pink, however, not red anymore as missing is his bright red Kabbalah bracelet! I guess Kutcher is giving the producers of his new movie “Valentine’s Day” a break by voluntarily removing the eyesore.

In Kutcher’s movie “Guess Who” no one on the set bothered to tell him the red string was extremely loud, that is until the movie got in front of test audiences, who spoke loudly as to the Kabbalah distraction. Word is the producers were listening and had the rojo yarn digitally removed at a cost over $100 grand.

There’s always a chance that Ash is just not that in to it anymore, by “it” I mean the bracelet and the religion! Stick with the pink Ashton! It means something totally different.


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