Brad Pitt has been making his way around TV show land of late. Brad is out there promoting his new Quentin Tarantino film “Inglourious Basterds”, but it seems the topic of every interview goes into something other than the movie itself.

It all started with Brad Pitt’s Parade Magazine interview. Brad stated that he and his partner Angelina Jolie were not going to marry until gays have the right to marry, just as straights do. Every other interview after Parade seemed to go into the gay marriage topic rather than talking about his new movie Inglourious Basterds.


No one knows if it was Brad’s main intention to get the word out on gay rights/marriage, but the message is loud and clear. After reading and watching his latest interviews, I don’t even know what his movie is about!

Brad was a brief guest on Bill Maher the other night, and he did not stay for the ‘panel’. Ashton Kutcher came to fill Brad’s spot for the panel, which turned out to be wonderful. Ashton did a great job! It’s not easy to be on the Bill Maher show.

During Bill’s interview with Brad, Bill and Brad had some really funny moments and I thought I’d pick this one out and transcript it for you.

Brad: “I love this [Bill Maher] show, it’s one of my favorites. You gotta be very brave or stupid to come on here.”

Bill: “No, no, you say that, but I saw you on the Today Show this week… (Brad interrupts: “Being brave and stupid.”) saying…first of all you cannot-let me persuade you on this a little bit…”

Bill: “You cannot do anything to make America not like you. You’re one of those people (Brad interrupts: “I think we’re testing it now…we’ll see”) uh no, no. There are some people like that, ya know-Charlie Sheen. I love Charlie Sheen. He’s a friend of mine. I always kid him. I say ‘You could beat a nun to death in a pile of dead puppies’ (Brad covers his eyes) and America would just go, ‘Oh that Charlie we love him he’s hysterical!’…and you’re the same way. You’ve been around a long time, I was reading your bio and you’ve been in like 35 movies.”

Brad: “I did not know that.” (they share a chuckle)

Bill: “…Anyway, people just like you.”