Aerosmith guitarist, Joe Perry revealed on Chicago radio that his band mate, Steven Tyler’s injuries suffered from a stage fall were more serious than first reported.

Perry, while riding the tour bus home, stopped at several radio stations. Perry said that Tyler broke his shoulder and received several stitches in his head. “I’ve seen it a thousand times, said Perry, him [Tyler] dancing or just twirling around, doing a somersault, he’s really agile, so I don’t know, we’re like kinda still in shock. What can you say? It’s stuff that could happen to anybody.”


It was back on June 28th Tyler injured a leg at a concert in Uncasville, Conn., subsequently postponing seven shows.

Perry also spoke of an unsure future for Aerosmith, “After we get on the phone call … there will be some announcement that will give us some kind of idea what the future’s gonna hold.”

With 18 shows left on the current Aerosmith tour, there is no word yet on how many of the remaining concerts will be canceled or if the tour will canceled altogether.