Jon Gosselin With His New Lady Friend

Oh, Jon Gosselin. I know you have eight children and a-soon-to-be ex-wife who probably drive you batty. I know being in the limelight isn’t easy (even if you wanted it). I know you have a stressful life but you really shouldn’t smoke. It makes you look kind of grumpy and old and it’ll kill you. Then who’ll reap the rewards of your TLC show? Your new girlfriend?

That’s Jon’s new squeeze, Hailey Glassman, to his right, also puffing away. The two are definitely an item as we saw them holding hands just the other day. This photo was taken on Christian Audigier’s yacht, which explains the shirt. I think this might be the beginning of Jon Gosselin’s rebel phase, where he’ll smoke cigarettes, fight paparazzi and just try to act tough. He’ll become the Sean Penn of reality TV.