The Face of A Failure

kate3 The Face of A Failure

I only know Kate Gosselin for having a modern version of a mullet, ya know, business in the front and party in the back. Well apparently most Americans know her as the mother with 8 kids and a husband that’s been stepping out on her with a long haired brunette…oh yeah, and that whacked out reality show about having a lot of kids.


Apologies to all the viewers of Jon and Kate Plus 8, because the show is on hiatus since the unhappy couple decided to get a divorce. Gosselin continues to whore out her family and personal business by blabbing to PEOPLE magazine about how she’s a failure because she can’t keep her husband at home, saying, “On a good day, I feel relief. On a bad day, I feel failure.”

So what’s next for the family of 10? Probably more personal publicity whoring between mom and dad while the young children are pushed to the side.