Will.i.Am is Gay

Porsche - June 22, 2009

black eyed peas Smack my Batch up!Well according to Perez Hilton that is. So I had to update you with the latest news between Perez Hilton and the Black Eyed Peas. Hilton decided to post a 11:42 video on his official site, which explained the drama that went down Saturday and Sunday night at the MuchMusic awards. According to Perez, it all started when Fergie saw Perez during their music rehearsal. She approached him and asked why he’s so disrespectful to her band on his site and can he lay off. Of course Perez says he’ll try, which means no bitch.

The big drama went down last night between Hilton and Will.i. Am when he followed Perez out of an after party and commanded that Hilton respect him and stop disrespecting his band. What made Will.i.Am upset is when Perez said, “You’re gay. You’re a fuc*ing fag*ot!”

will.i.am in lego ball capNow why would an open homosexual yell to a heterosexual man that he’s gay? It’s as if Perez used homosexuality as a put down trying to degrade Will, which lead to his manager Polo punching Perez in the face 3 times. I don’t know why Perez is shocked that he was punched after calling a man a fag*ot. I don’t condone violence but eveyone knows that men fight after being disrespected especially when it comes to their manhood.


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Perez started crying like a girl in his stupid video, probably hoping for some sympathy but I don’t feel bad for him. Then he showed his true stupidity when he said “God is looking down on you and shaming you [Will.i.Am].” Yes, Perez Hilton lives a homosexual lifestyle but God is shaming Will. i Am, when he didn’t even punch Perez; give me a break.

Then at the very end he makes it a point to yell ” Fergie you’re fuc*ing fugly! as he continues to cry. This incident and video just goes to show that Perez Hilton is an idiot.

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  • Teridactyl

    Sooooo gay guys have never dated a girl? Hmmm… someone shoulda told Little Richard and Elton John

  • Snow

    Don’t forget Jimmy Fallon

  • David Reed

    Well Will.I.am is obviously gay ..so he should just come out so that no one has any leverage over him,

  • salar

    hello i am irani
    iam beautifull
    iam gay
    iam id ebicontorat@yahoo.com

  • d lud

    w.h.o. c.a.r.e.s!

  • lalem tilhun

    will i am is dafintly gay

  • Marye

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  • Luke Bosch

    I wish perez hilton didn’t existed. I mean everytime I see that F#%King ugly fat faggot on tv I have such a pity. I mean everyone makes fun of that peace of trash. He’s obviously not happy with his life so he gets obssesed with other people’s life. That’s so sad. Wether will.i.am is or is not gay is not his problem.

  • GOD

    F#%K faggots.

  • yes you will

    perez is a F#%Ker i hate that cunt kill him

  • will i am copy

    peres son of a bitch you only seis that cous your gay mothe fock

  • Koolldawgg

    I’m a straight, male but I think it will be cool if Will was gay… But damn, he fine. LOL ;)

  • BEP lover

    Well no matter what i still love will and the black eyed peas!!!!
    Perez is just a F#%King knob-cheese!!!
    and i so wish i could get my hands on him!!!!NO ONE DISSES THE BLOACK EYED PEAS

  • adam Munro

    it dosnt matter what will is gay or straight EVERY ONE PUNCH PEREZ hes a evil looking slob like ikky little man.

  • BEP lover

    F#%K off dissing Will.I.Am if he likes dudes thats his choice NOT URS and as for perez he can go get F#%Ked too, the black eyed peas are a proper band and are the best band of this century

  • ivy

    will.i.am defenitly..he’s not gay..he’ll date cheryl cole..don’t you see the news sometimes?????

  • Vinny Mcqueen

    this is for anyone to respond between the whole perez and will i am beef, whos side are u on?
    perez? or will i am?

  • Karo

    Will I AM is definitely in the closet-he crosses his legs like a woman and look at his haircut!! It doesnt make him less of a person to be gay but he’s hiding it so it doesn’t ruin his career -I have very good gay-dar and have picked ellen, Ricky Martin, Rosie,Jodie Foster, George Micheal and others before they ever came out.

  • riri

    This is ridiculous. If he is or isn’t gay is not the point at all. You all make it sound like him being gay makes him a lesser human being. If that’s who he is then that’s who he is. He just doesn’t let it define him. And we all thought America had moved beyond this pettiness…

  • Jamie

    Perez Hilton is a F#%King joke. First of all, to the people saying will.i.am is gay. I personally don’t care whether he is or not, but what exactly is your proof of this – just that insiders know this? Ok, that’s great. But, ‘insiders’ can say anything. Practically every successful male celebrity these days is accused of being gay at least once, maybe more throughout his career. You’re going to need more proof than that. Second, to those sayint that will.i.am being with a woman means he’s not gay – while I doubt most gay rumors that go around these days about celebrities, being with a woman doesn’t automatically mean he’s straight. There’s a reason the phrase is called keeping it ‘in the closet.’ I’m sure plenty of gay men (celebrities especially) use dating women as a cover. Third, let’s not forget another possibility here – he could be bisexual. I actually think Hollywood and the entertainment industry itself is more bisexual than gay, but even if someone remotely is attracted to someone of the same sex, has experimented with them, etc. they’re termed gay even if they are also attracted to the opposite sex as well. That’s where I believe all the controversy/debate/confusion comes in. That being said, I wouldn’t believe a damn thing Perez says on his website or any of the subsequent comments people make there either. He’s an idiot and if nothing else, is probably more of an embarrassment to the gay community than anything else IMO.

  • YourAnIdiot

    How is Will I Am not a faggot? Black eyed peas are clearly not a band, which William claims over and over again. He is very flamboyant publicly like a female, and has mannerisms and gestures of a female. You have to be a F#%King moron to not notice that. He smokes pole, so what the F#%K? He’s about as straight as Michael Jackson’s penis after it saw little boys onesy pajamas.

  • Poopsie

    I think you’re all uneducated idiots who don’t know how to spell or even speak correctly. Stop worrying about someone whom you don’t even know, & whether or not they prefer men or women; and PLEASE pick up a book & read. I fear for the future of this country solely because of people such as yourselves. PATHETIC.

  • ivy

    hey girl..shut the f*** up..HE’S NOOOT GAY..he’s everything but gay..If you had known him better you would know that he’s sweet and kind..and he’s dating Cherly Cole..
    Julia,thanks for the support..
    Peas & Love..:D

  • Julia

    how the f*** do u no tht? u have no proof they only worked on a song together litoria. If he was freaking gay he would of never had his girlfriend smart one. But u no wat he dont fukin care wat u say cuz he knows HES not gay and if u say he is than thts wat u think but as long as he knows then hes not gay. and ur fukin lesbo for all i care and i dont care if u think ur not lesbo i do and i bet u scisored another girl. and if u say ur not lesbo i still wont fukin care cuz for me u r. thts the same thing ur doin bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • litoria

    so gay he like usher and usher dont like him

  • Julia

    Im not saying its wrong to be gay. But im saying tht u guys shouldnt make stuff up if u dont have the facts rite!! and fuk perez hilton he is the reason y people do this i could just bend the law and say its ok to kill without going to jail i would and my first person would be Perez Hilton!!!!

  • phunky

    I wouldn’t believe anything from Perez Hilton. I really like Will.i.am. Is Willi gay? He’s as gay as Perez is black.Would it matter? Absolutely not. Love Will.i.am and his music, personality, generosity… All of him. Him singing about humps and bumps makes me think he likes girls… a whole lot!

  • ivy

    thanks to peabody4lif and juila..Will.i.am is the best..and you guys who claim he’s gay..you’re not even close to him..he’s the best and you’re lame!!!

  • Julia

    let me end this rite here rite now! will is NOT gay i repeat NOT!!!! he is in love with cheryl cole! so tht makes him straight and i would no cuz i am a peabody and peabodies no things like this and Ivy u rock its nice seeing u again!

  • Peabody4life

    wow, you guys are lame. Will’s not gay. would it matter if he was? god damn. he’s the besttt.


  • ivy


  • Bernard

    Of course will.i.am is gay

  • Ivy

    of f**k u …ur parents must have been hiding a mirror so that u don’t have to see your stupid ugly face every day..and now is too late..you’re f***in Faggot..U AND PEREZ..!!!

  • michael

    you ugly bitch, being gay doesn’t make you less of a man. being with an ugly ass bitch like yourself probably would though…..

  • ivy

    c’mon!will.i.am is not gay…he has a girl that he loves…it was clear that he didn’t wanna make any trouble so he stepped out…but polo hit him…b.e.p. Is his family …and he wasn’t the guy who cried like baby..perez is a f*ckin fag*ot!

  • sean

    All I know is that Will.i.am is so hot, I’d buck him….Sean

  • I don’t really care about Will.i.am, whether he’s a pole-smoker, or whether we know it.

    What we know, with certitude, given his support for Barry, is that he’s profoundly stupid.

  • Stuart

    Will.i.am is most definitely gay. Most insiders know this. Perez hilton was screaming this for a very good reason: gay men do not like when famous celebrities pretend to be straight. That only perpetuates the stereotype that being gay is bad. Perez wants Will.i.am to “come out of the closet”.

  • Dick Slime

    I’ve heard rumors that Will.i. am is partial to the occassional meat cigar.

  • Delicious

    Will I Am is not straight, lmao. He IS gay. This is what makes it all so funny. Get over the drama, girls.

  • John

    I love the site!

  • Hypocrisy is the tribute vice pays to virtue.

  • You’re right on the money Porsche!!!

  • Josh

    As a gay man I find Mr. Hiltons gay bashing comments unacceptable. He should know better. Hate breeds hate…

    Will-I-Am is a human being, why would a gay person say things like that to another person, regardless of their sexual preference.

    I for one will never go to his hate site again.