Chris Brown will be facing another judge in an assault case but this time it’s a grown man he is accused of assaulting.

The attack took place at a LA area gym where Chris Brown and his entourage were playing a harmless game of basketball, harmless that is until a photog snapped a picture of Brown.
The LA Times is reporting, pap, Robert Rosen snapped a photo of Brown doing his best Kobe imitation and that’s when Brown’s bodyguards began to verbally abuse him, Rosen then attempted to flee the scene to avoid drama, however, tripped and fell, allowing Brown’s henchmen to catch up with him where they then proceeded to rough him up. Rosen claims he was, “severely injured and disabled, both internally and externally, and suffered extreme emotional distress.” The incident occurred only a few weeks after Brown was accused of beating, then girlfriend, Rihanna.


Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, is stating, “This is a specious and frivolous lawsuit by one of the paparazzi seeking publicity and a payday, he’s done this before and lost.” And in fact that is true, Rosen brought similar claims against 007 actor, Pierce Brosnan in 2007. Rosen claimed Brosnan inflicted “severe physical and emotional pain and injuries.” Rosen lost that case reported TMZ.

As reported by writer, Desiree “Danger” Bowie, Brown was pictured this week sporting a “Shiner” at a Lakers game. No matter what happens in this case it’s fair to assume that trouble is following Brown like a bad habit.