The 10-year-old actor in Slumdog Millionaire got a rude awakening when government officials bulldozed his home this morning. The “Star” of the huge box office hit will sleep on the muddy ground tonight along with his family.

The movie may have grossed over $326 MILLION and won Best Picture, however, apparently that cash did not get passed along to the talent. It is shocking to learn, Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail, who played a young Salim, still lived in a shack located in a (you guessed it) slum! it’s true! That is until they bulldozed that shack in to rubble!!


Director Danny Boyle and producer Christian Coulson vowed to pitch in a measly $30,000 to help the kids find real homes. I think it is time we boycott this film in it’s DVD and rental release. This is a travesty. These little kids put everything they had in to this film and made it a smashing success and how these fat cats can sleep at night is a mystery to me.
Let’s wake them up!