Celebrities just seem to love to express themselves these days on Twitter, the popular social, micro-blogging website, and Nicole Richie is no exception. In a recent post, Richie spilled her guts on her opinion of actor/ performer, Jamie Fox after Fox appeared on American Idol. In a Twitter message aimed at rocker Joel Madden, Richie sides in with Miley Cyrus while sharply judging Fox,
“@nicolerichie Jamie Foxx. hmm. Ever since he called Miley the B word, i’m not down. Sucks cause i like his movies, but damn no class.”

After Richie posted the above comment to Madden she posted this morning-after message,
“@nicolerichie wierd i woke up this morning and i hadn’t turned back into a person yet. You saw me in my cat form.”


Jamie Foxx might want to respond this way, “Hey Nicole, are you sure you were in “cat form” last night and not “female dog” form?”

Madden did not respond to any of this silliness and it makes one ponder, is Richie drinking and Twittering? “Blame it on the ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, alcohol.”