Baby Daddy for OctoMommy

I guess if you keep telling yourself lies they eventually become true but not in the case of OctoMom and her BabyDaddy!!!  Looks like not all of OctoMommies babies came from the same sperm donor as she had alleged. Apparently when she was a stripper named “Angelina” at the Spearmint Rhino she had unprotected sex with her limo driver. Luis Ceballos has come forward to claim his 7 year old son. Hmmm… took him 7 years and a possible reality show and/or book deal for Daddy to reunite with his son. They deserve each other.  Wonder if Brad Pitt will come forward too to claim one of Angelina’s babies… I mean Nadia’s babies.  Is a sex tape really that far off the mark?  What do you think?  Or better yet… who cares?