Baseball Fans Comment On A-Rod

The New York Times did a great little insert of the fan comments regarding their stories on A-Rod. From steroid use to the most recent hooker story (See our story titled “A-Rod Likes The Hookers” from today.

Here are some highlights:


*A-Rod has been positively the greatest waste of money since Bernie Madoff- farmdoc

*You’re locked into nine more years of this guy Yankee fans. Ha Ha- enjoy! So happy the Manny-for-A-Rod deal never worked out back in 2004. – Jeff

*He better hit 62 and drive in 192.  – Dean Rave

*Oh thank the baseball gods we got him outta Texas. As a Ranger, he did most of his oddities and improprieties back home on the island. What an awful role model. –  Roger Duke

*Couldn’t he just be a hand model like George Costanza?-  Sam

What do you think A-Rod is going to have to do in order to recover himself? Discuss amongst yourselves. Personally I think he should go on a religious reformation campaign and save some orphan children. Man am I glad I’m not him.