Kate Winslet Refuses To Present An Award

It’s no secret that Oscars 2008 had the worst ratings in the history of the show.

This year the producers are fearing the worst. A lot of name brand actors are not as “pumped” to be involved with the show via presenting awards, etc. The good news? They are going to keep the show to a 3 hour and 15 minute blast of celebrity-ism. We hope. As long as Kate Winslet isn’t talking I think we shaved off 30 minutes.


Nikki Finke’s blog speaks from ground level: “I can report that this year’s producers are privately complaining that the biggest movie stars in the world like Jack Nicholson, Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, and Kate Winslet gave them reasons galore — some serious, some trivial — for why they didn’t want to present awards, once considered a huge honor.”

Nicole Kidman’s reasoning is she does not have her normal hairdresser available. Kate Winslet says she will be too nervous (thank god) and Jack Nicholson would rather be smoking a pack of cigs in the alley.

Hugh Jackman has a lot on his plate to satisfy us and I wouldn’t want his job. I’d probably drink too many capn & cokes and puke in the orchestra pit. I would get ratings though!!! Maybe Hugh needs to pull something out. Maybe his penis. Just Sayin.