Hulk Hogan Was Offered Rourke’s The Wrestler

From the blond hair to the muscles, it seems Mickey Rourke’s rendition of a wrestler is a lot like Hulk Hogan’s real life. Now it is being reported by the LA Times, Hogan was in fact offered the award winning roll.

As it turns out, The Wrestler, may have been, in part, modeled after the life of Hogan, who was a pro wrestler, in real life.


The similarities? The blond hair, the downing of painkillers and like Mickey’s portrayal, Hogan lived in his van also in real life.

You might expect Hogan to be bitter, not only about not getting the part, but also about the film borrowing so many of his life’s experiences, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Hogan is in fact very complimentary of the film.

Hogan, unlike the film version of The Wrestler, went on to be the most famous name in pro wrestling, and still makes a good living as a entertainer, he’s proud of Mickey’s performance, and why wouldn’t he? He lived it.