Alright, so we know that Kanye West can be a little out there sometimes. Ya know, cooky and insanely wacky; but that’s why we love him! least I do. But now, he is flying off a major deep end. After having number 1 records, sold out concerts, clothes, videos and everything us regular folk could imagine, Kanye wants to take his super stardom to an even biggest status…!

You read it ladies and gents, Mr. West wants to do (censored) He says: “I know people will find that as another thing to hate me on, but it. I’m doing (censored) Hell, I’ll even do bisexual scenes-myself, another man and a woman, or just me and two women. I know people will find that as some weird shit, but I am who I am.”


Really Kanye, who are you? Because it seems you like to change your style, hair, music every chance you get; so can the real Kanye please stand up. All I have to say is, if he gets into (censored) make sure those women wear condoms because you know they’ll try and make a baby! I think Kanye wrote the song “Golddigger.”