Mark Ruffalo Back To Work – Scores Orlando Bloom

“Director” Mark Ruffalo is back on track with indie film, “Sympathy for Delicious.” The directorial debut of the actor was put on hold because of a personal tragedy.


James Franco (“Milk”) was supposed to be part of the cast, but fell out during the time Mark was taking time to deal with family matters.

Ruffalo is back and going strong, signing Orlando Bloom (”Pirates of the Caribbean”) who is replacing Franco. Golden Globe winner for HBO’s “John Adams”, Laura Linney, is also in the mix. Linney also played opposite Ruffalo in another indie flick, “You Can Count on Me.”

“Sympathy for Delicious,” tracks a paralyzed Deejay through the streets of L.A., it’s along the way that he finds religion and even Jesus-like powers. Then exchanges everything to be a rock star.