Ohio Man “Quentin L. Smith” Named As Westerville Double Cop Killer

City of Westerville officials have identified the Quentin L. Smith as the prime suspect in the shooting deaths of two Westerville officers Saturday morning.

Smith was named in several other incident reports at the same location of the current fatal incident. Once from this year and once from 2017. No further details of those incident were immediately available.

Police were called to the scene on January 20 and 21 of this year, once for a domestic situation from the mother of another person in the home. On Nov. 29 of 2017, a woman went to Westerville police to inquire about protection orders. Within “a half hour or so” of leaving the police station, police were called to the apartment the two shared for a dispute. Police were also called to the residence on Sep. 14, 2017. Continue reading