Pussy Riot “Pyotr Verzilov” In Grave Condition After Feared Poisoned, Say Band Members

MOSCOW, RU. (THECOUNT) — Pyotr Verzilov, a member of musical group Pussy Riot, was hospitalized this week, with band members suspecting he was poisoned.

Verzilov, 30, is said to be the unofficial spokesperson for the controversial band.

Verzilov said he was feeling ill after attending a court hearing earlier this week of fellow activist Veronika Nikulshina, who spoke to internet media outlet Meduza late Wednesday. After resting for several hours that evening, he woke to find his eyesight deteriorating, she said.

Last night “his condition got exponentially worse. First it was his vision, then his ability to speak, and then his ability to walk,” she said. Continue reading