RUN FORREST RUN! Anne Hathaway ‘Young Gump’ Shoes On Red Carpet

Firstly, I think All of Anne Hathaway’s fashion woes could be erased if she would simply wear a wig and grow her hair back in a hurry. Having said that, let the thrashing commence.

Is it possible that Anne Hathaway is dressing kooky simply to get supplemental attention? It’s not like she needs any extra attention, but alas she’s getting my attention today, not because I’m all that interested in her in generalities, but more so because of these goofy strap-up shoes she’s wearing on the red carpet. So maybe it’s working.

Is that the new young Forrest Gump look? Or is Anne suddenly a Tim Burton style reincarnated Jenny? Jen-ny, stupid is as stupid does…

Life is like a box of chocolate, with a bowl haircut…

Run Anne run! Break free from the shackles that bind you!

Far be it for me to accuse Anne of being on any kind of medication in these pictures, although she does have that faraway look I’ve seen so many times before…

Sing it with me! “she’s got Brittany Murphy eyes.” God rest her troubled soul.

Put in a quarter and try again Hathaway! Or is it fashion game over?

Newly Wed Fergie “Duhamel”: Will The Ferg Use Her New Last Name?

“Fergie Duhamel”! Do you like the sound of that NEW name???

Will she have to use “Stacy Duhamel” now?


Congrats to Josh Duhamel and Fergie for finally getting married.

Wonder who will be buying the EXCLUSIVE wedding photos and HOW MUCH $$$ will the photos go for?

Hopefully more $$$ than the Ashlee Wentz baby.