POLICE: Two Thottapilly Family Members Found Dead In Submerged Vehicle

Authorities recovered the bodies of 2 members of the Thottapilly family on Sunday from the Eel River.

Officials said 70 searchers were sent out on Sunday in hopes of finding the family. Searchers found a vehicle submerged between 4-6 feet under the water. While searching the vehicle, they felt what they believed to be a person.

The Thottapilly family – 42-year-old Sandeep, 38-year-old Soumya, 12-year-old Siddhant, 9-year-old Saachi – vanished while on a road trip that was supposed to go from their Valencia home to Portland and back.

After the vehicle was partially removed from the river, 2 bodies were found inside the vehicle — later identified as 42-year-old Sandeep and 9-year-old Saachi Thottapilly. Continue reading